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I see you…

Helloooo! So I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while and I’ve finally found some free time to do it! Anyway onto the  FF!

Wait for the end for messages^^ 


90lh ask-selu askxiuhans astorai aviateb1a4   baekhyun-ah  bangtan blondejongin baekxun bluemushyroom byeonji callmechodingboy caroseoul casoopeia cheerfuluhan chandobi choiminhoz  deernetwork deerwithbear disappearance exocase exolutely exolutely-not-sehun fairyluu fanserviced


halmaes hi hilya96 hohofood hunhn hypertone ihaveathingforboyfriend ihaveathingforexo jonqens kai-laydoscope kaibility kaicecream kaiptivated kaiseou kaitaestrophe keikeuyu keydere kimnamboobs kintaehyung kpopcity kris-wu krismebaek krisyeol ky-ngsoo lettersto-savemyself leuhanies lewhaens lu-hansome luhanova luhanswifi luhantidote luhanverse luludeery luluest lunhan lunans luuhaii melonhun mieuku milklu minseoxual oh-luhans ohfleurs


pinnocheo royalsehun ryeou sayyinfinite sehuna selunoids seoulatte simpatie sungyoel tea-lairs theme-hunter totoros troyesivan viitakissme wufabulous xobtsexobapxo yadoong yeahluhan yeoboseok yeollovemebaek yixwing zhehun

Sorry if I missed anyone or made a mistake. Also, I made like four edits for this and then I forgot how to gif it and ugh, they took so long even though they were like the simplest things.

Okay, now for the messages^^

*byeonji *caroseoul *chandobi *exolutely-not-sehun *fanserviced *hilya96 *hohofood *hunhn *hypertone *kaicecream *kintaehyun *lewhaens *luludeery *yeahluhan *ohfleurs *tea-lairs *yixwing 

thank you so much!! <333 i appreciate it! also congrats on getting doc martens HAHAA I WANT THEM :D

if i should tumble, if i should fall
would anyone hear me screaming
behind these castle walls?


Bag + free shipping

Q: What is your favourite song from Everybody album?
Taemin: Sherlock